A brief history of Darfield Baptist Church

Darfield Baptist Church represents a family of Christians worshipping God and serving our community.

We began in 1872 with gatherings in Greendale, South Malvern (Whitecliffs), Sheffield, Kirwee, West Melton, Hororata and Glenroy, which gradually became associated under the name Greendale Baptist Church.

The original 1873 building next to the Greendale domain was replaced in 1897 with the building on the corner of Greendale Road and Adams Road. After almost 80 years on that site, we decided to relocate to Darfield in 1976. By this time Darfield represented the main centre of the Malvern population and of business and schooling in the district. In 1979 the church was renamed Malvern Baptist Church and services have continued in both Darfield and Glenroy to this day.

We decided on our current name, Darfield Baptist Church, in 2007. Throughout the years of our existence, we have maintained:

Darfield Baptist Church continues to be a vibrant and growing church with people of differing ages, ethnic, social, economic and christian backgrounds gathering around a common desire to worship God. There is a strong family feel, a connection to our local communities and we express a down to earth faith.